We operate mobile in and around Linz/Austria, therefore we come to your home! So if you live in this area or you are a guest in our beautiful home town just contact us! If you live futher away we have to charge travel costs in some cases.




2 hour  100 Euro

1,5 hour  80 Euro

For new customer: 10% discount



I also come to other places in Austria! If there are at least three people (eg you, your sister and your neighbour) I don't charge the full travel costs. The travel costs are always measured individually! 



I offer also other energetic healing treatments and different kind of mindfulness training. Please check out Events/zusätzliche Angebote or contact me.


any kind of manuel therapie or far eastern healing technique


per minute 1,20 Euro


If there are 3 or more people á 60 min. at one address, you get 15% discount


25 km are included! Over 25 km we charge 0,50 Cent for every additional km