We are grateful to have discovered this path together, 

a path which is a blessing for ourselves and to other people!



Sigurd (Siggy) Gruber (born April 15th, 1975 in Lienz/Austria) completed an apprenticeship as a waiter, which he started at the age of 15, and then tried out various professions, such as commercial vehicle transporter or bus driver.


In 2009, he was looking for a change in his career as a result of his mentor Heimo. In the following years he completed the medical masseur as well as the healing masseur in Austria. Since 2015, he is working independently as a masseur and massage therapist. From 2021 to 2023 Siggy did a very extensive education called "Fasciopathy" at the Manus Fascia Center in Austria.


In 2012, Siggy visited a Thai-Yoga-Massage course at Asokananda's school in Thailand for the first time. Since that time, he has travelled to this place every year and has completed several courses as an assistant teacher. He also participated in courses in Hungary and Greece. Since meditation is an important part of the Thai-Yoga-Massage, he has participated in several-day Vipassana meditation retreats from 2014 onwards. Since January 2016 Siggy is an authorized teacher of the Sunshine Network (https://asokananda.com/teacherslist.html). He continues his studies and completes various courses.


The change in the direction of manual therapy and Far Eastern healing techniques represents not only a change in his profession but he sees it as his calling.




Sandra Pühringer (born March 4, 1977 in Mödling/Austria) completed a training as office worker. After ten years of professional experience she began the study of business education at the University in Graz/Austria at the age of 28. She successfully completed her studies in 2011.


In 2012 she attended her first Thai-Yoga-Massage course with Siggy but returned to her old profession afterwards. In the following year, however, she discovered a taste for this type of massage. Since then, she has also been attending several courses every year and has participated in several Vipassana meditation retreats since 2014. In 2015 Sandra turned this work into her main profession and since then she has brought her economic knowledge into Siggy’s and her company.


Sandra is an authorized teacher of the Sunshine Network since January 2020.

Siggy & Sandra


We spread our knowledge of Traditional Thai-Yoga-Massage incl. Meditation and Yoga by giving courses and workshops in Europe and Asia since 2016. In 2024 we will start workshops which integrate the Fasciopathy in the Thai-Yoga-Massage.


Considered as a team we combine medical knowledge and didactic abilities with an organizational talent and feminine heartiness.

Heimo Rieger



Thanks for your inspiration Heimo! Without you I wouldn't be where I am now.

You will live forever my friend!

See you one day!

Love Sigurd